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To exploit the potential of the digital, I develop unique brand identity to help brands with their visual strategy.


Jeevan Jonas

Jeevan Jonas is a freelance brand identity designer facilitating businesses to reshape their brand identity. With over 20 years of rich experience in graphic and interactive design, he brings a wealth of knowledge towards shaping memorable brand identity design narratives. 

At Studio Fra, Jeevan focuses on framing unique brand/logo identities for startups and digital-first businesses. Form follows function is the ideology that he closely follows and he strives to create simple & minimal visual artefacts. An entrepreneur at heart, he is passionate about design, business & technology.


Web Design
Brand Identity
Information Architecture
Brand Strategy

Core Offerings

Methodical and deep focus into each and every part of client's story is what makes the work substantial

Boutique & personal

Unlike other agencies, I take on a handful of projects and emphasize close collaboration with clients. This reflects in the quality of work and service. I streamline communication and our designing process to a more efficient workflow.

Work Ethic & Craftsmanship

Every project is given care & attention. You can expect promptness in responding to phone calls for assistance or pressing issues. I sweat the details so that the end product is thoroughly cared for.

Expertise & Deep Understanding

Background in design education coupled with over 20 years of professional experience in interaction design, I bring solid expertise in the domain. The portfolio is a solid proof of the expertise.

Selected clients

I worked with over 20 startups
and known brands. I could also
work with you!


Jeevan is one of the few designers who are very detail oriented, meticuluous, thoughtful and systematic in their approach and yet very creative. His designs and approach is built over layers of creative reasoning. He takes on a few projects at a time and deeply invests his time and energy in ensuring their success.

Karan Rai CEO, Launch Ventures

Apart from getting the MVP ready, working with Jeevan has been a huge learning experience. He follows a very methodological approach not only towards the product-design but also towards choosing his clients. His approach towards problems using a data-driven approach is another plus.

Ayush Baheti Cofounder, LaughGuru

Jeevan was a breeze to work with and our users are also giving us good feedback on our UI. His understanding of UX is pretty good and his approach is very methodical. He's also flexible in his engagement approach, and is startup friendly, so it was a pleasure working with him.

Sitashwa Srivastava Cofounder, Stockal

Jeevan is an incredible designer with extremely strong work ethic. I have learned a lot about design, usability, and the creative process from working with him, and it amazes me how he can complete modules so quickly without jeopardizing quality. He is also very personable and an absolute pleasure to work with

Rohit Iyer Cofounder, Texperia

What I particularly liked about Jeevan is that he is not your typical "yes man" who agrees with client's arguments every time. Instead he challenged me at several stages with convincing arguments on why a certain part should be designed in certain way. He knows when to stand his ground.

Balakumar Kaushik Founder, greymatters GmbH
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